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How do I know XTZ speakers will suit me?

We optimize our speaker for a neutral reproduction character. The principle is to produce a non colored sound, as pure and precise as possible. If you don´t prefer this kind of sound our speakers are equipped with several tuning options to let you tweak the sound according to your preference, and also very important the room. This way, our speakers offer greater possibilities to achieve the sound you want compared to many other brands. Read more in our Sound Philosophy

Where can I find Software to my XTZ product?

If your XTZ product includes Software, it can be downloaded on the specific product page.

Is XTZ planing to produce an AV Receiver in the future?

No, we don't have any plans at the moment to make AV receivers. We want to focus on making speakers, subwoofer and stereo amplifiers with the best possible combination of price and performance.

Are your subwoofers more sensitive to placement?

No, not more than any other subwoofers. It´s the room that determines how sensitive a subwoofer will be to different placements. But XTZ subwoofer have the big advantage to affor you lots of possibilities to adjust thru bassreflex ports and equalizers. This makes it easier to find a good placement and a perfect bass performance.

Do your subwoofers work for music and movies?

Yes, they do. We think a good subwoofer should be able to reproduce both music and movie sound. Basically there is no difference reproducing music or cinema sound. The subwoofers task is to play whatever info that´s present in the input signal. If the subwoofer is good it will do this in a natural and accurate way without adding distorsion. Read more in our Sound Philosophy.

Should I buy a 10" or 12" subwoofer

This depends on how big the room is, what acoustic properties it has got and what bass character you would prefer. The best way is to measure the room using the Room Analyzer, but as a general rule of thumb you can say that the bigger the room is, the bigger subwoofer is needed.

What is Buy & Try and how does it work?

As the first brand, we offer Buy & Try to prove that we only want satisfied customers. Buy & Try means you can buy and test listen the products for 30 days at home, and if you are not satisfied then you can return the product for a full refund. The products have to be returned in mint condition in their original packaging. The return has to be authorised by us in advance, and we will help you find the best shipping qoutes using our contacts and agreements with courier companies. The shipping fee you pay is of course as low as the net price we get. Please remember, always save the original packaging! Buy&Try 

Where can I listen to XTZ products?

When listening to HiFi products it takes a lot of time even for a well experienced person to make a fair evaluation of quality. The absolutely best way is to test in your own home (a listening room in a shop never sounds the same as your own listening room). For this reason we offer Buy & Try with a full refund policy if you are not satisfied (the speakers have to be in mint condition upon arrival to us) within 30 days.

Who needs the XTZ Room Analyzer?

Room Analyzer is a measuring tool to check speakers, room and the combination of speakers and room. It might be considered unnecessary for a "regular" consumer to use this products, but the room and the speakers determine about 95% of the end result. Improving the room and speakers is a sure way to better sound. For example, finding the right placement for the speakers can easily yield much larger sonic gains than buying expensive cables and electronics. Read more.