99.25 MK3 (LCR) - Hifi-Journal.de (Germany)

June 12 - 2017

"With the 99.25 speakers and the 10.17 subwoofer, XTZ has a combo in the portfolio that is fun without ever losing the seriousness. A perfect lacquer finish, high-quality connection panels and many possibilities of sound adjustment are not common in this price class. The subwoofer offers a tremendous performance, the built-in DSP and the sophisticated bass reflex adjustments are a clear statement towards the competitors at a price of just under 550 euros."
- Matthias Fengler

+ Very high quality workmanship / material choice
+ Optical appearance / paint quality
+ Installed technology / technical equipment
+ Sound adjustments / sound
- Nothing

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99.25 MK3 (LCR) - WHAT HI*FI (India)

March 01 - 2017

"A versatile and well built pair of bookshelf speakers, the budget for which if you have, there is no where else you should put your money." "We have hardly anything to complain about here. If there has to be pointer, it would be the 99.25's disagreeable nature with MP3s. You make that mistake and the XTZs don't forgive you for your bad judgement. Feed these only the best you have to offer and enjoy a sound that's well rounded and balanced. These are speakers best enjoyed with a nice glass of whatever poison you like and a playlist that won't end."
- Kaizad Billimoria

+ Superb balance, detailed midrange, airy treble, tight bass
- You just get two for that price, we want more

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99.25 MK3 (LCR) - Fairaudio.de (Germany)

December 20 - 2016

"The XTZ offer a perfect performance in almost all criteria, but their greatest talent is that they reproduce music wonderfully homogeneously. The clean reproduction of sound colours, which clearly shows every instrument, intertwines with high localization, resulting in a tremendously authentic overall impression. Similar synergies arise from tonal neutrality and resolution. Both - in each case to a large extent - do not sound cool or analytical, but simply correct."
- Martin Mertens

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99.25 LCR / SUB 8.17 - AREA DVD (Germany)

June 03 - 2016

"High-quality finish, first-class sound and favorable purchase price: XTZ offers with 99.25 and SUB 8.17 an all around successful 2.1 Ensemble." "For relatively low purchase price you receive a combination of the bookshelf speakers 99.25 and the active Sub 8.17 a powerful 2.1-ensemble that can shine with many strengths. The small subwoofer  is acoustically grown up and offers an wonderful sound. It acts precisely and supports the two 99.25 excellent. The good looking bookshelf speakers with their unibody design provide an impeccable detailing, a pleasant tonality and an authentic space. Overall an excellent, highly recommended combination. Since the subwoofer also has high-level connections,  a subwoofer preamp for integrationis not needed. The finish of the XTZ components convinced us as usual."

- Philipp Kind

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99 Series Surround Set - hifitest.de (Germany)

May 25 - 2016

"Far from it, the floorstand speakers are giving even for acoustically most demanding material their best and convince with precise timing, wonderful balance and excellent fine dynamics. The Multi-channel system of 99.36, 99.25 and Sub 12.17 continues this virtues and so present different artists like Metallica (" Through the Never ") or Adele (" Live at the Royal Albert Hall ") perfectly. "
- Jochen Schmitt 

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99 Series 5.1 Surround Set - HiFi Vision (Germany)

March 24 - 2016

"But already without a subwoofer and with the support of the center and surround speakers, the floorstanding speakers show who has the upper hand. The bass reaches extremely deep down and does this with a pressure and control that brings tears to some subwoofers eyes. Synthie-pop provides an unbelievable amount of joy with the 99.36. A pure fun-speaker without higher acoustical ambitions? Not even close! The floorstanding speakers also act great with acoustically demanding material and convince with precise timing, wonderful balance and excellent fine dynamics."

- Dirk Weyel, HiFi Vision

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99.25 LCR - Hifi-Statement (Germany)

January 07 - 2016

"Providing high-end drivers for a beginner's price, the 99.25 offers an outstanding price/performance ratio. Extremely clean, very dissolved, neutral and fine, these compact speakers from Sweden perform in perfection what is on the recording. With a sensational bass, if necessary also very loud, they play far above their price range."

- Matthias Jung, Hifi-Statement

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99-Series Surround Set - Heimkino-Magazin (Germany)

January 07 - 2016

"If you are searching for the best sound for your home cinema, have an eye on this XTZ-combination - Highlight"

- Jochen Schmitt, Heimkino-Magazin

+ First class finish
+ Outstanding sound
+ Excellent equipment

99-series - Hemmabio (Sweden)

August 04 - 2015

"Performance way above its price range"    "...here we have the speaker bargin of the year!"    "100 percent home run"

- Magnus Fredholm, Hemmabio

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Exceed all expectations
I own the following components from XTZ:
2 x 99.36 FLR
1 x 99.25 LCR Center
2 x 99.25 LCR
1 x 10.17

This is really an amazing surround set. I've heard lots of different surround sets before but only few and very expensive seem to be equal to mine concerning sound and finish of the speakers. The 99.36 are not only great in providing a cinema atmosphere but also for stereo application when listening to music. The tweeter is a real diamond, I love that smooth yet accurate sound with so many details. That is also the reason for me to choose the 99 series. Since the mids and treble are completely the same for 99.36 and 99.25, the set plays very harmonic and with a great surrounding stage. Since I like to listen to multichannel music, this is the perfect choice for me. The 99 center reproduces voices with perfect tonal balance and great clarity.
In the beginning, I listened to music without the 10.17 but in between, I love the bass which this little boy provides so much that I also use it for music. This is the first subwoofer which I ever had and which I like when listening to music. It is so precise in the background that it never gets annoying. It even helps the 99-speakers to play freely with maximum of details. When watching a movie, I love that deep and strong bass which the 10.17 is able to create. 5 / 5 stars for every single piece of the set!
I have tested the speake in a system with 2 99.36, 1 99.25 Center and 2 99.25 surround speakers against surround sets from other manufacturers including Nubert, Teufel, Dynavoice and Kef.
One should not expect the 99 set to stick out extreme in any way. When switching between the 99 and other speakers, the 99 seems to be somehow boring and not very special.
In continuous operation, however, this is precisely its great strength. Where other speakers begin to annoy, the 99 speakers always stay relaxed and comfortable. They offer a very good audibility. The sound dissolves completely from the speakers. The voice reproduction is emotional and clear.
They play very balanced without emphasizing any frequency range. They have a good and accurate bass. I operate them with the bassreflex plugs in closed mode because I have to place them close to the wall.
The finish is really perfect. In Live they look much better than in pictures.

From me full 5 stars