M6 Center

Matt Black

 "I honestly can't think of a single legitimate complaint about the M6 mains or S5 surrounds, and with how picky I am that's saying quite a lot."

- Jim Wilson, Home Theater Shack -

Cinema M6 Center - Dynamic and natural home cinema experience

The Cinema M6 was only created for one single task: Providing the best possible cinema experience in home theaters. To achieve this high goal, the M6 was developed with various special technologies. The Quad-Tweeter array provides high sound pressure level and optimized dispersion at the same time. Furthermore, it creates never before heard crystal clear sound to achieve maximum fidelity. Two mid-bass drivers in a D'Appolito arrangement provide the highest dynamics and perfect precision. These two systems combine in a closed box to produce astonishing accuracy, maximum power and dynamics. Discover this unique home cinema speaker and enjoy its detailed, rich and dynamic sound.


For the Cinema M6, we developed a Quattro tweeter arrangement to provide a very high maximum sound pressure level, high efficiency and minimal distortion. In addition, a perfectly even dispersion pattern is achieved for several listeners by using a controlled bundling of drivers that minimize the negative influences of the room. To achieve optimum bundling for home cinema sound in the lower mid-range, the two mid-bass drivers are arranged according to the D'Appolito principle. Thus, the M6 sounds crystal clear, yielding great precision and extremely high dynamics.


Strong HDF walls ensure maximum stability with small dimensions and optimum internal volume for the chassis. The trapezoidal shape reduces internal resonances extremely effectively and provides a timeless look. The baffle of the M6 is each angled at 7.5° toward the center of the room. This angling provides the advantage that the M6 is perfectly aimed at the listener when mounted on the wall. The Cinema M6 has countersunk threads for mounting the Cinema using the Flushmount Kit or alternatively use the available matching Cinema Floorstand that positions the speaker at the right height for the listening audience.


For the surface of the Cinema M6 we used a special anti-reflection coating. This matte black anti-reflective polyurethane paint is thereby applied in 8 layers. Afterwards, an ornate polishing ensures a perfect and very appealing overall finish. Thus, disturbing light reflections on the surface of the speaker can be reduced to a minimum when using a projector.


The high quality rear terminal of Cinema M6 is designed for the possible use of bi-wiring and bi-amping. The connectors are gold-plated to minimize the resistance and thus ensure the best signal transmission. The smooth-running and extremely stable screw terminals allow a secure fit and optimum connection for your bare wire or your banana plug connection. 

Front Cover
Front Cover

The front grill of the Cinema M6 attaches using a magnetic mount. Its black acoustic material is opaque but nevertheless is completely transparent to sound. It protects the drivers from potential damage. The magnetic logo can be mounted in several places on the grill or the speaker enclosure to provide maximum flexibility for the user and to enhance the speaker’s overall visual appeal.


A perfect home cinema experience requires speakers which can handle extreme dynamics at high sound pressure levels. At the same time, the sound should be crystal clear and free of any distortion. These are the goals that were set for the cinemaseries and which are even overachieved by making use of many special technologies.

XTZ Cinema products  marked with THX certifications are tested and approved for the full THX experience. THX Certification is an assurance to consumers of uncompromised quality, best-in-class performance and consistency. Blending art, technology and the ever-changing challenges of a real-world viewing environment, THX and its partners continue to deliver a transcending experience just as the creator intended.

Further Information

Multi-Tweeter Array

The tweeters used in both M6 and S5 have a very low distortion. The 1 inch domes makes a perfect match for the midrange / woofer driver. M6 Four tweeters gives even more high power handling, higher sensitivity and therefore also even lower distortion. The Quattro tweeter also helps to control the spreading perfectly both in tweeter range and in the midrange. It gives an optimized vertical directivity that reduces floor and sealing reflections and a controlled dispersion in horizontal direction. It’s a controlled directivity but without a “beaming” effect. The Quattro array also has the advantage of avoiding early reflections from side walls. This is also one of the reasons how the sound can be so clean, even at very loud volumes. They’re made of Japanese silk strengthened by a polymer coat. The use of Neodymium magnets as the power house and copper shorting rings ensures an almost perfect magnetic field for demanding applications. The rear chamber is tuned to a very low resonance, and also made in die cast aluminium. All this gives a "soft clipping" character that provides a lot of headroom for undistorted sound at extreme levels. The tweeters are kept cool by a 9 mm thick aluminium baffle for increased power handling On top of this, using two tweeters results in even more power handling, a very high sensitivity and a very clean low distorted sound. The tweeter array gets an increased capacity in the same way as when using more than one piston in an engine. This makes it possible for the tweeters to go all the way down to impressive 1,2 kHz which completely removes the phase problem most speakers have in the sensitive hearing range between 2-6 kHz. The combination of high sound pressure capacity and very low distortion gives a huge range between the lowest and the highest sound pressure which results in an incredibly dynamic sound. Another benefit of multi tweeters is a perfectly balanced directivity over the whole frequency range. This ensures a wide homogeneous sound field which is extremely important in a multi-seat cinema set up, but it is also an advantage in a "one seat" set up.

Midrange Woofers

The midrange woofers used in the M6, S5 and the S2 utilize cones comprised of a very strong, long fibre pulp blend of material treated with a specialized coating compound which offers maximum strength and rigidity while maintaining minimum mass. The optimized combination of cone angle, dust cap diameter and geometry provides a near perfect piston emulation, maximum cone area efficiency, and controlled high velocity characteristics in both the inward and outward directions. For the M6, the midrange and woofer’s two 5¼ inch drivers are used in a MTM (midrange, tweeter & midrange) system which gives a controlled dispersion in the vertical axis that improves the sound quality through higher sensitivity and producing much lower distortion. The driver is adapted to be able to handle high power due to its strong magnet and aluminium shorting ring. The long fibre pulp cone has a very high sensitivity with "soft clipping" characteristics which provides further headroom for undistorted sound at extreme levels. The low (1,2KHz) crossover point "hand-over" from the tweeter has several advantages.


When we developed the M6 and S5, a great deal of effort was put into the crossover filter and this is actually the most important aspect of a speaker. All passive components are of the highest possible quality to minimize the influence on the signal. We use an optimal selection of air wound coils (with low internal resistance) and coils with steel cores (these accept a high level of magnetic saturation), MKP capacitors and low induction resistors. The steepness of the filter is of the 4th order. The filter has an unusually low crossover point between the tweeter and midrange woofer which has several advantages. The crossover point is far from the mid frequency breakup point and because of this, it plays with less distortion and with an improved D’Appolito effect.

Flushmount Kit

Our speakers can be mounted to the wall with either a VESA 75 mount using the built-in keyhole hangers or our flush mount kit for a sturdier mounting (or to mount horizontally). This consists of a plate that fits on the back of the speakers and a corresponding plate that goes on the wall. The two plates easily interlock and leave enough room (15 mm) for the wires to connect as the speaker hangs on the wall.


The stands guarantee a flexible and stable positioning of your home theater speakers. They fit perfectly both aesthetically and mechanically with the Cinema series and provide you with an easy and stable installation. The stand also hides the speaker cables so there are no loose cables leading to the actual speaker. Included in the package is a stacking bracket to mount two speakers vertically to create a line source. Just as with the speakers the stands are painted in the same matte black finish to avoid any reflections. The rubber spikes that are pre-mounted use the standard M6 thread and can be switched to metal spikes when positioned on carpet. To further add stability and weight, the stands can be filled with sand.